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Here’s a list of our blog posts since July, organised in groups

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

in one placeIn the absence of an index we hope you find this latest list useful for finding items you might want to read or view.




New curriculum and assessment arrangements

Assessment within Curriculum for Wales – Supporting Learner Progression

New podcast! Teachers talk about using the feedback to refine the curriculum

Working on curriculum refinement this Autumn: a teacher bares all

Your feedback on the draft curriculum – report now available

What makes the new curriculum so different? The external advisory group gives its views.

The new curriculum’s external advisory group – what’s it thinking during this refinement phase? (Part 1).

Refining the new Curriculum – A teacher speaks

New Curriculum: feedback summary and timeline

The Curriculum for Wales – Dispelling the Myths – Part 2

Taking your feedback forward: refining the draft curriculum

Bible’s translator helps pupils explore the Humanities AoLE

The Curriculum for Wales – Dispelling the Myths – Part 1.

Professional Learning

Introducing the National Professional Enquiry Project (NPEP)

The Curriculum for Wales Professional Learning Programme from our Regional Education Consortia


Qualifications Wales’ consultation on the nature of qualifications to be taken at 16 is live!


Growing momentum – Headteacher conferences this Autumn

Reflections on the 2019 ARC Education Project Summit in Cardiff, Wales

Netherlands educators explore the Welsh Approach to curriculum reform

Sharing, engaging, involving: stakeholders and the new curriculum

And three previous catch-alls


Here’s a list of our blog posts since December, organised in groups.

Here’s a list of our blog posts since July (2018), organised in groups.

Here’s a list of our blog posts since March (2018) , organised in groups

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