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Qualifications Wales’ consultation on the nature of qualifications to be taken at 16 is live!

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Reforming Qualifications

QW_logo_RGB_bigEducation in Wales is embarking on a significant period of change, and at the centre of these changes is an innovative curriculum for 3 to 16-year olds.

To complement the new curriculum, we want the next generation of 16-year olds to take globally respected qualifications that inspire and prepare them for life, learning and work. We want to be sure that any changes we make lead to long-lasting improvements and stability for the qualifications system.


Our vision is that 16-year olds take globally respected qualifications that inspire and prepare them for life, learning and work.

Achieving this vision and developing our approach to future qualifications will require a collective effort with input from stakeholders across the education system and beyond. We will work openly and collaboratively with others to agree how qualifications will need to change.

Qualifications should be designed to promote positive teaching and learning and should not be the sole means by which 14-16-year olds engage with and experience the curriculum. We want to make sure we get the balance right.

Qualifications work best when there is a good level of public understanding about their value and why they are needed, who and what they are for, and how to interpret them. Through our open and collaborative approach, we want to create a sense of ownership in the classroom as well as in society.

Purpose of consultation

This consultation is about working together so that everyone can play their part in shaping the future qualifications offer. We want to hear from everybody with an interest.

This consultation asks for views on our proposals for:

  • Key principles that should apply to all publicly funded qualifications taken at 16;
  • Keeping the GCSE name and reviewing existing GCSEs to identify how they could be more forward looking and better support the purposes of the new curriculum;
  • Redeveloping the Skills Challenge Certificate to continue offering learners the choice of a standalone qualification that assesses wider skills.

Future work

This is the first of a series of consultations around qualifications for the new curriculum, and your feedback will help us to shape our approach to this important work.

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