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What makes the new curriculum so different? The external advisory group gives its views.

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

In our first film the Curriculum and Assessment Group (CAG) members discuss how the new curriculum will be substantially different from the current.

In the second film they look at how other parts of the education system – including the accountability system and professional learning – will change to support the introduction of the new curriculum. Also at just how internationally innovative this new curriculum is.

So what are the big differences?

And how will the education system change to support it?


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  1. JILL BAIRD on

    I feel somewhat reassured by the above – in that important questions – in fact, how we prepare the young for survival in the modern world – are being considered in depth and internationally. It will be a very different place from the one I grew up in (I am in my 70s), and the adjustment can be hard. The importance of flexibility, adaptability, even ambivalence, seem often to be overlooked, as we have seen in recent political events where reasoned debate and discussion have not been top of the agenda for the public. The education system has tended to encourage an attitude of right or wrong, with little or no in-between. The time and space to listen to children is vital, not just the other way around.

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