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Here’s a list of our blog posts since March, organised in groups.

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

in one placeIn the absence of an index we hope you find this list useful for finding items you might want to read.

It includes links to the posts for Curriculum and Assessment, Professional Learning, Digital Competence and wider Education Reform.


If you find it helpful we’ll do this each term – please let us know.

Curriculum and Assessment

Wales’ new curriculum and assessment arrangements are being built on progression – this is how it’s happening

How ‘Areas of Learning and Experience’ are being developed as a central element of the new curriculum 

New ‘Curriculum Special’ Podcast 

Latest Developments for Curriculum and Assessment – video update 

Sketchnote – How ‘Areas of Learning and Experience’ are being developed as a central element of the new curriculum 

Latest Evaluation of the Pioneer Model of Curriculum Development 

Learning Progression for Wales – new report informs a crucial aspect of Wales’ curriculum reform. 

Estyn report: how primary schools are adapting their curriculum to respond to curriculum and education reforms 

Understanding ‘progression’ in the context of the new Curriculum 

‘There be dragons’: redrawing the curriculum map in Wales

Professional Learning

Revealing case studies show how joint working helps teachers develop.

The challenge of making a new curriculum work: we’re professionals, let’s enjoy it!

Digital Competence

No time to wait; digital competence must be a priority

New Animations and Updated Materials for the Digital Competence Framework

Porthcawl Comprehensive School – ‘Don’t Scare the Horses’ when introducing Digital Competence.

St Martin’s School, Caerphilly: Taking the ‘head on’ approach to digital competence 

St Christopher’s School, Wrexham: ‘cracking the code’ in a special way 

How Cardiff and Vale College is embedding digital competence and developing its digital vision 

Digital Competence Framework Wall Chart and ‘Postcard’

Bountiful Estyn Report: Preparing for the Digital Competence Framework

Wider Education Reform

Kirsty Williams: Progress with Wales’ national mission for education. 

New: the Education Wales Podcast is another way to stay up to date 

Timelines made visual: Curriculum and Education Reform

Improving the experiences of Welsh Learners





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