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New ‘Curriculum Special’ Podcast

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

microphone image for podcastProfessors Graham Donaldson, Louise Hayward and Mark Priestley all feature in a new podcast about our new curriculum.

Their observations give a fascinating insight into the work:

“For me the biggest issue is teacher autonomy” says Mark Priestley. “if a bird has been in a cage for 20 years it’s hardly surprising that if you open the cage it might not want to come out”.

Podcast - Donaldson - May 2018“It’s about creating the right environment … so that people feel confident taking the new curriculum and working with it in constructive ways” says Graham Donaldson.


Hear the podcast on iTunes or spreaker for android

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  1. Tanisha Thomas on

    hello I am here in dallas tx enjoy your little trips in Finland.
    your neat style of narrTion is interresting. sorry about the spelling I
    am a retired teacher and 81 years so I enjoy seeing all the old stuff and am new at
    this game. ray in dallas tx.

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