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Netherlands educators explore the Welsh Approach to curriculum reform

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Dutch visitors.jpgAs we pick up the pace on our education reform journey, the eyes of the international education community are upon us.  Other countries are already keen to learn from Wales.

As they prepare to embark on their own curriculum reform, a delegation from the Ministry of Education in the Netherlands visited during the summer term, to enquire about how Welsh Government is preparing schools to implement the new curriculum.  The team were keen to explore the differences to the current system and the effect on educational practitioners and their professional learning.

During the four day visit, the group met with Welsh Government officials with responsibility for curriculum development and the development of new professional learning provision, together with educational practitioners from pioneer schools supporting the new National Approach to Professional Learning.

To gain an overarching perspective, the group visited pioneer schools across the spectrum, namely Rhydypenau Primary and Ty Gwyn Special School in Cardiff, as well as Stanwell School, Penarth.  As well as touring the facilities, the group exchanged ideas and compared practices in Wales to those in the Netherlands.

Welsh Government has also welcomed the opportunity to host the international Atlantic Rim Collaboratory (ARC) Summit next month, providing a further opportunity to shine a spotlight on Wales.


Professional Learning Team, Welsh Government.

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