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Talk Pedagogy – a great place to explore teaching practice

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The new curriculum brings new opportunities to re-visit our teaching approaches. It’s an exciting time but can feel challenging too. So ‘Talk Pedagogy’ has been created as a friendly space to share and learn about pedagogical approaches. It’s part of the wider support for professional learning.

Matt and Lucy explain how ‘Talk Pedagogy’ works for them:

Opportunities to join in

Talk Pedagogy started with small group discussions in the Autumn Term, since when it has grown and begun to diversify to meet different interests and needs. Part of this growth has included regular live events that provide opportunities to hear from colleagues and engage in conversation with others from across Wales.

To get involved, simply click on Talk Pedagogy. Once in, the General Channel is used to keep you up to date with up and coming activity and you will automatically receive invites to new events. You can also ‘catch-up’ on previous presentations and conversations that have been recorded and placed in the relevant channel. If you have any problems joining the channel, which should look as below, email .

Try joining in one of our relaxed, monthly ‘drop in – find out more’ sessions or go straight into the conversation of your choice. If you would like to see a different area opened up for conversation outside those on the list, let us know and we’ll canvass for interest. For broader information visit our Pedagogy pages on Hwb. National pedagogy project – Hwb (

Activities already in the calendar:

Pedagogy Beyond COVID (June 17th, 4pm)

Following the success of the ‘Sharing what works’ events that focused on the practical aspects of blended learning, this group are now exploring pedagogy beyond COVID and thinking ahead to Curriculum for Wales. How is our thinking and practice over the last 12 months influencing what we will do moving forward ?

Re-thinking Pedagogy – exploring the evidence (June 10th, 4pm)

Exploring research and evidence can change thinking and trigger reflection on pedagogy and practice. 

In this session teachers who have used evidence to inspire changes in teaching approaches will explain what they did and lead the discussion.

This second session will focus on ‘memory and learning – creativity and critical thinking’

Creative Pedagogical Approaches and Curriculum for Wales (CfW), (July 1st, 3:45pm)

We have held two introductory events, which you can see via recordings in the channel, where we heard from two schools about their journey of exploring and embedding creativity. Planning is taking place for future sessions and you will be able to join in these discussions that reflect on creative habits of mind, CfW, the four purposes and the 12 pedagogical principles.

Exploring the 12 Pedagogical Principles (July 7th at 3:45pm)

A panel of staff from across the school age range will share their experiences and thinking in a relaxed, conversational atmosphere – akin to a good staffroom. Bring a cuppa and come along to ask questions, join in the conversation or just listen as you mark!  

This ‘staffroom series’ will continue in the Autumn term where the focus will fall on a specific pedagogical principle in each session.

Pedagogy and Oracy (6th July at 3:45pm)

This small group of primary and secondary schools is discussing the importance of ‘talking for learning and learning to talk’, an important part of being a confident capable learner.

This July event is the third of three but the presentations and discussions of the first two can be accessed in the Pedagogy and Oracy channel.

Digital Learning and Competency (June 24th at 3:45pm)

Hear more about the pedagogy aspects of the Digital Professional Learning Journey, and perhaps reflect on approaches to blended learning.  This is likely to be the start point for a series of events in the Autumn Term.

Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards – Building Resilience

Talk Pedagogy’s ‘shaping group’ has focused on Listening to Learners and its importance during the pandemic. The presentation ‘Sways’ that have been produced can be found here once you have joined Talk Pedagogy.

The group is now focused on building resilience and encouraging learners to see the importance of sustained effort. They are looking for teachers and leaders from other schools to join them, so if this work is relevant to your situation and you would like to get involved then please email or message in Talk Pedagogy.

Conversations currently in development.

We are currently initiating conversations around the following areas and need small groups of teachers to help shape them. If you are interested in being involved in any of these then please get in touch through Talk Pedagogy or via email. If there are any other areas that you are interested in exploring then again please get in touch.

  • Exploring the pedagogical principles
  • Pedagogy, numeracy and mathematics
  • Exploring Routes for Learning
  • Exploring a ‘workshop’ approach to learning in the classroom

Mark Ford, ‘Talk Pedagogy’ lead, Welsh Government –    

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