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Beyond Covid: Learning in the next phase; new podcast and resources!

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In March a ‘national conversation’ was held for practitioners across Wales, to share experiences and learning, and help shape the national approach to moving beyond Covid.

These valuable, personal conversations were very honest. To help share the essence and outcomes there’s now a podcast and supporting videos.


Apple podcasts 



Videos by leading educationalists

These were shared in advance to prompt discussions and thinking in the groups, but are useful for any practitioner thinking about teaching and learning in the next phase.

Mike Griffiths talks about the impact of co-construction, introducing questions about what has worked well – and why – in teaching and learning in the last year.

Robin Bannerjee talks about the need to build strong foundations for learning among learners, including the importance of well-being, and poses questions on how we can support learners to be ready to learn going forward.

Professors Graham Donaldson and Louise Hayward talk about the importance of learner progression, re-igniting the interest and curiosity of learners, and the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales as a focus for the future.

Graham Donaldson:

Louise Hayward:

Feedback Analysis report

Analysis of the feedback from the sessions, including the nature of the conversations, the themes and conclusions, is available in this report.

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