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The Curriculum for Wales evaluation plan 2023

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The Curriculum for Wales, now being used in all schools across Wales, is of course subject to extensive evaluation.

Two initial annual reports have provided a solid snapshot of progress, but as Minister Jeremy Miles announced in July, structured, long-term evaluation will be carried out – starting this year – to understand how the reforms are working and the extent to which they are having the desired impact for all learners, regardless of their background or needs.

It will also investigate areas which are not progressing as expected, and why, so that support and guidance can be provided in the right areas.

The evaluation plan sets out an extensive range of research and monitoring to be undertaken over the coming years. It will involve talking to hundreds of schools, learners and parents in a range of contexts.

Above: evidence projects contributing

As part of that, the Curriculum for Wales formative evaluation begins this autumn. The study will be at a much larger scale than previously, meaning findings will provide a representative sense of progress across Wales, whilst also identifying challenges and opportunities.  It will look at a huge range of factors affecting curriculum reform through large-scale surveys and qualitative deep dives on specific issues like the quality and suitability of professional learning provision; curriculum design; pedagogy; and approaches to equity and inclusivity.

To assess the outcomes and impact of Curriculum for Wales, findings will be gathered and synthesised from a range of sources annually. Bringing together and analysing this information will give a strong evidence base to inform future annual reports and direct priorities and funding for school support. That includes findings from Welsh Government evaluation studies and research, as well as those undertaken by academia and strategic partners such as Estyn.

The Curriculum for Wales evaluation programme is designed and led by Government Social Researchers, a profession within Government which works to standards of rigour and impartiality. The individual projects will be undertaken by independent research companies, contract managed by Welsh Government researchers.

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