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Sharing information on learner progression with parents and carers – changes and a case study

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In September 2022 new legislation came into force for schools around providing information to parents and carers on their child’s progress.  See this section of the  summary of legislation or the formal legislation here.

Headteachers must now arrange for termly updates on how learners are progressing, including:

  • their well-being
  • information on key progress and learning
  • key progression needs, the next steps to support their progression, and advice on how parents can support that progress. 

Whilst termly progress updates can improve engagement and understanding of key learner progress and needs, it remains important that parents and carers have a picture of the learner’s overall progress across the breadth of the curriculum annually. It can be provided at any point in the academic year and in a format that the headteacher considers most appropriate in supporting learner progress.

The change in reporting aims to improve the dialogue between school, parents/carers and learners. It is intended to better reflect the progress of the learner and outline their next steps of learning, creating a more holistic picture of how the learner is developing towards the four purposes. As with the curriculum, approaches and expertise in taking this forward will evolve.

At Ysgol Calon Cymru an approach has been explored, as part of a professional enquiry project which involved around 20 parents. A ‘radar’ diagram was devised to stimulate conversation between teacher and learner about progress, the results used to inform conversations at pupil-focussed parents’ evenings.

Watch the video below to find out how the approach was developed, and reflected upon, including the challenges faced and results so far.

As mentioned above, approaches and expertise on this will evolve and we plan to develop and share further follow up video case studies and blogs to reflect this.

Two primary level case studies have also been produced previously and can be seen here:

Ysgol Min y Ddôl:

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