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Adnodd – the future of resources to support Curriculum for Wales

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A new Company has been set up by Welsh Government to commission high quality resources. It became operational on 1st April and will begin by getting staff in place and consulting with practitioners, learners and other key stakeholders to develop an effective model for commissioning and quality assuring resources.

Owain Gethin Davies, Head of Ysgol Dyffryn Conwy, has been appointed as Interim Chair. Below he answers key questions about Adnodd and its ambitions.

So Gethin, in short what is Adnodd?

 A one-stop shop for resources for education practitioners in Wales, that will support Curriculum for Wales and new qualifications, published simultaneously in Welsh and English.

How did you get involved?

I’m passionate about the new curriculum, I want young people and teachers to have the best resources, bilingually, to help them succeed. Resources that are accessible for all learners, those with additional needs, and consider different diverse cultures.  I have worked with NGfL Cymru in the past and also authored numerous music resources for practitioners in Wales. High quality resources should be available for all practitioners and learners.

What will it do?

Commission and quality assure resources for ages 3 through to post-16. In future it may even work with other countries in sharing the resources.

What will it do for teachers specifically?

It will talk to practitioners, consult with them, research into the latest technology, latest techniques, best practice, latest pedagogy, and pull all that into the resources.

So do we know what resources we want?

The next couple of months is the starting point. It’s will be an initial process of exploration with young people, practitioners, partners etc.

How do people connect with it?

We’re going to get on the road to make people aware we exist. We’ll go to the Urdd Eisteddfod, do roadshows and education shows, work through consortia, and of course we’ll have a specific area on Hwb which is where all resources will ultimately feature. This is our email:

Under Curriculum for Wales, schools are developing bespoke curricula, will the Adnodd model work with that?

Yes absolutely. It’s been part of our thinking. Adnodd will produce tools and broader resources, won’t be too specific. To use an ancient analogy, a resource about castles would exemplify approaches that would work across any or most castles, not refer to specific ones, and could be adapted for different settings.

Will Adnodd work with partners?

Yes with practitioners and regional improvement partners, as well as publishers and the creative sector. It’s not just a commercial procurement exercise.

Any final thoughts?

I’m ambitious for Adnodd. We’re looking outward as well as within Wales to bring the best to our practitioners and learners. And it’s another step in making Curriculum for Wales the success it deserves to be.

An oral statement about Adnodd by Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and the Welsh Language, can be seen here

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