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Updates to the Curriculum for Wales Guidance – and Hwb resources page

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The Curriculum for Wales Guidance has been updated. The changes are mainly additions or amendments to existing sections.

Future updates will be made each January, so practitioners can be sure that it is completely up to date all year. January has been chosen to fit best with curriculum planning cycles in schools and settings.

This year’s updates include:

  • A revised ‘Journey to Curriculum roll-out’ section to reflect that the curriculum is now being implemented
  • Some clarifying narrative on Welsh histories in the Humanities Area
  • Corrections to some definitions and hyperlinks
  • More clarity through minor amendments to narrative – in response to feedback

The ‘last updated’ date at the bottom of each page will reveal whether a change has been made.

Alongside this, a new Hwb Resources and Supporting Materials page has been published to make resources specific to the Curriculum for Wales easier to find. A project to review all Hwb resources to align them with the curriculum and identify resource gaps is also underway, as featured in this previous blog post. Practitioners are warmly invited to take part in the resources review work, with training, support and compensation provided to schools of those that do. Contact the team at:

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