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Launched and all yours: The National Resource: Evaluation and Improvement

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It was ‘one for all and all for the Resource’ on 11th May when the resource that’s designed to help schools with self-evaluation and improvement was launched.

Several schools, the regional school improvement consortium GWE, the West Wales school improvement partnership Partneriaeth, and Estyn all contributed to and supported its launch

Regional briefing events will be now be held, and training of regional School Improvement Partners to support use of the Resource have also been arranged.

Examples of supporting videos used at the launch are below. A full viewing of the 40 minute launch event can be seen here.

Owen Evans, Prif Arolygydd Estyn / Chief Inspector for Estyn encourages schools to use the National Resource: Evaluation and Improvement and describes how Estyn supported its development:

Claire Williams describes how Ysgol Glan Usk School has used the Resource in a practical way to look forward at how it evaluates its approaches and looks to improve them:

Paul Jones describes how Ysgol Bryngwyn School has used the Resource to help improve his school for his pupils, including working collaboratively at secondary level:

Details of the resource, including its structure, case studies of usage, FAQs and more, are on this page:  The national resource: evaluation and improvement – Hwb (

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