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Assessment: revised guidance; more resources on the way.

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Assessment guidance was updated alongside the changes to Curriculum guidance on 11th January, following the passing of the Curriculum and Assessment Act and in response to legislative consultations.

The changes further cement the new role of assessment as integral to curriculum design, directly linked to a continuum of progression from 3 – 16 as opposed to a key stage summative approach. They make clear how the guidance and legislation also applies to Pupil Referral Units, EOTAS (Education otherwise than at school), and Funded Non-Maintained Nursery Education.

The Supporting learner progression: Assessment area on Hwb, to be regularly updated, explains the changes underway as subordinate legislation brings them into effect over the Spring and Summer terms. It has three sections:

What’s changing in assessment: sets out the stall for the changes and answers the bigger questions, such as on removing key stages and building a shared understanding of progression.

Supporting Learner Progression: assessment guidance: this is the statutory guidance section covering: the principles for assessment; developing a shared understanding of progression; transition along the 3 to 16 continuum, and; communicating and engaging with parents and carers.

Resources to support practitioners: This growing area now features case studies from schools showing how they have approached assessment and progression under the new guidance. They include George MacBride’s paper on the mutuality between well-being and assessment, and interesting professional enquiry examples looking at assessment and progression, and professional learning journey case studies from schools.

Looking forward

During the Spring and Summer terms, and subject to the legislative process, more regulations and guidance/materials to support learner progression within Curriculum for Wales will be published as follows:

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    An interesting read. In case you were unaware, some of the links are not working to access further reading.

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