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Updates to the Curriculum for Wales Guidance, 11th January 2022 – a Summary.

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Changes to the Curriculum for Wales Guidance, as trailed in a previous blog item, have now been made, either in response to consultation feedback or legislation being passed in the Senedd.

The changes are significant but not substantial, as most of the consultation feedback was very positive. Here’s a brief summary:

Legislation summaryThis section has been updated to reflect the new Act, and new highlighting in the wider guidance will better show what is mandatory, helping practitioners understand the national requirements of the framework.

Relationships and Sexuality Education – As featured extensively in this December ’21 blog post the final guidance has now been published following Senedd approval of the Code on 14th December.

Religion, Values and EthicsThis new section has been added to the Humanities Area reflecting the new requirements, including a more consistent tone and greater ease of navigation.

British Sign Language (BSL) – a BSL version of the Four Purposes and the What Matters for the Languages, Literacy and Communication Area is now included. BSL is now embedded in the Guidance!

Careers and Work-related Experience An expanded section of guidance to support schools and settings, including on workers’ rights, and more emphasis on cross-curricular skills and progression.

Cross-curricular Skills – ABC StepsMinor changes to improve clarity.

‘Enabling Learning’- This new section is renamed from ‘Enabling Pathways’ following the consultation, and provides greater guidance for curriculum development for those at initial progression steps.

Human RightsChanges set out the legal basis for human rights and better explain what that means for schools and curriculum design, including on rights for people with disabilities.

Assessment Guidance – Changes have also been made in this section, including stronger links to other parts of guidance. The changes will be summarised on this blog later this month.

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