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Reimagining GCSE qualifications

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Emyr George, Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform

Reimagining and reforming GCSE qualifications is crucial to create a new way of learning that will prepare learners for life, study and work in the 21st century.

To complement the new Curriculum for Wales, we are looking at how we can innovate qualifications to prepare learners to succeed in an ever-changing and uncertain world.

We have now agreed the subjects in which a new generation of fit-for-the-future GCSEs will be offered.

Over the coming months we will be listening and discussing ideas through our national conversation to co-create GCSE qualifications. New content and new assessment approaches are just some of the things we will be looking at as we shift to more flexible and agile ways of learning.

As part of our Qualified for the Future programme we are recruiting teachers and educational professionals to help us with this exciting challenge.  Anyone interested in joining us can apply through our website.

We want everyone with an interest in education to contribute to the national conversation so that we can meet the needs of our communities.

This is a unique opportunity to develop creative and sustainable qualifications that will respond and adapt to the ever increasing, rapid changes we face in society.

Agreeing the range of new GCSE subjects marks the beginning of this exciting reform journey.

These new GCSEs will give learners and schools a choice of subjects that reflects the breadth and balance of the new Curriculum for Wales. Fewer separate GCSEs in mathematics, science and languages will provide more space for learners to gain broader experiences across the whole curriculum.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the national conversation, should get in touch at

The full Decisions Report is available to read and download on our website.

Emyr George, Director of Qualifications Policy and Reform, Qualifications Wales

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