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National Network launches for Curriculum

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The National Network has been created to help teaching practitioners in schools and settings to introduce the new curriculum for Wales, through sharing good ideas about implementation, and ways of overcoming difficulties.

In Autumn 2021, three National Network Conversations will take place on:

  • Progression – from October 19th until November 17th
  • Preparation for curriculum roll-out – from October 19th  until November 17th
  • Resources and Materials – on  Nov 23rd and November 24th

Fellow practitioners have volunteered to help steer and facilitate small groups of up to 12 practitioners and each National Network Conversation will feature case studies, videos and expert input. They will provide an opportunity to network and build relationships with colleagues, with insights from experts and regional colleagues.  There will be an opportunity for those attending to take resources to facilitate conversations in their own schools and settings. Links will also be shared through this blog.

Some topics may run across more than one term due to the nature of the conversation needing more detailed discussions; others will be completed more quickly.

Each National Network Conversation will complement the Professional Learning programmes being run by regional consortia and school improvement services, and the ‘talk pedagogy’ and professional enquiry activity led by practitioners seconded to Welsh Government.

Initially conversations will be held remotely, but over time face-to-face conversations may be introduced in line with Welsh Government Covid regulations.

Funding will be provided to free up the time for schools and settings to send a nominee to the National Conversations.  Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so please book soon to avoid disappointment. Extra sessions will be arranged in future if needed.

Here is full information about the network, and the National Network landing page where practitioners will be able to register for the conversations.

Also mentioned by the Minister in the video, here is the Journey to Curriculum Rollout document.

Stakeholder involvement

There has been a significant amount of interest from a range of wider stakeholders in the National Network and, in response to the level of interest, events for wider stakeholders, i.e. beyond practitioners in schools and settings, will be announced later this autumn.

Forward Look

Looking ahead to Spring 2022, five more topics will open up for discussion:

  • Well-being in learning
  • Diversity in the Curriculum for Wales
  • Evaluation and Improvement
  • Qualifications Reform
  • Reading and Oracy

The Curriculum Team,

Welsh Government.

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