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New National Network for curriculum implementation. Can you support it?

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A new National Network is being established in autumn this year to support design, adoption and implementation of the new curriculum. It will be owned and facilitated by teaching practitioners, and right now we are looking for individuals to help plan and guide the work and workings of the Network. Expressions of interest to do so are open until 12 July.

The National Network will hold a series of national ‘conversations’ in which any practitioner in Wales can take part. Operating nationally, initially on a virtual basis, it may also involve physical meetings.

It will help practitioners:

  • connect – encourage networking and help to develop relationships between teaching professionals, education experts and stakeholders who can help schools and settings directly
  • drive change – conversations will help to support implementation at all levels.
  • gather and share understanding – bringing together different views, perspectives and expertise nationally to understand how we are progressing, what the challenges are, and how people are responding to them
  • co-construct approaches – together, we will work out what teaching professionals, stakeholders, enabling partners and government can do to overcome these challenges, including identifying resources to address implementation barriers, and professional learning

Ultimately it will help practitioners co-create workable and practical solutions to challenges, and take that learning back to their schools, settings and clusters to embed and explore further.

And importantly it will provide time and space to think and engage.

Analysis of the views, challenges and feedback raised in the Conversations will also be used to shape government policy and enabling partners’ approaches.

Practitioners will lead in selecting topics. Already identified for the autumn are:

  • Getting ready for rollout, building on the key concepts of the curriculum
  • Developing and embedding progression and how this informs assessment
  • What resources and supporting materials should look like for the new curriculum

Would you like to help?

We’re looking for practitioners to plan and facilitate these conversations, along with key education partners, so applications are welcomed from those in all schools and settings, Welsh and English-medium education, and with skills and knowledge across a range subjects.

To be equipped to help, you need:

  • Strong leadership skills to help establish and maintain an ethos of challenge and support, demonstrating the positive values, attitudes and ways of working crucial to co-construction.
  • The ability to lead and manage a conversation, encourage participation, reflect and identify key themes, and treat all fairly, equitably, with dignity and respect.
  • Experience in, and passion for, curriculum design

If you’re interested in taking part in the network but not in the planning and facilitating, there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved over the next year.

Time commitment

There are various ways to support the network, so the time commitment will vary, depending on how you would like to be involved. Here are the opportunities:

  • Planning and structuring conversations – approximately 2 day commitment per term
  • Facilitating network conversations with other practitioners –  approximately 3-4 day commitment (including preparation and debrief) per term
  • Identifying key priorities and barriers around reform – approximately 2 day commitment per term
  • Helping to steer the overall direction and focus of the network – approximately 2-4 day commitment per term
  • Working with stakeholders outside education to develop approaches – approximately 2-4 day commitment per term
  • Reviewing findings from conversations and making recommendations – approximately 2- 4 day commitment per term
  • Help develop commissions for resources and supporting materials – approximately 2-4 day commitment per term


Schools will be reimbursed for practitioners’ time spent supporting the running of the national network, at a rate of £200 per day, pro-rata as appropriate. 

Are you well placed to contribute? If so, apply here:


The Curriculum Team, Welsh Government.

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