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News about ‘what matters’ in the new curriculum

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

During the latest stage of curriculum development Pioneer schools have been asking the question of ‘what matters?’ within the six Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs). Ty Golding introduces the work.


‘During the autumn term we developed the ‘what matters’ which are a combination of high level headline statements and supporting rationale, and really we went through a process across all the AOLEs of identifying what matters most. What, quite rightly, should learners at the age of 16 have experienced, have knowledge and skills of that relate to when they leave the age of studying and AOLE.

At the moment we’re developing and refining those ‘what matters’ further, that’s based upon wider and specific discipline expertise and expertise input from our own governance structure and our own expert panels too. Currently we are developing the initial draft of the progression framework which consists of a series of points against which progression can be identified for learners in how they travel from the curriculum base at 3 all the way through to the age of 16.

Next steps for us will be from April going forward in the summer term to develop those progression frameworks in a little bit more detail around the learning progression of what needs to happen.’

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