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What a Year! A message to Teachers

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Steve DaviesEven in my long(ish) career I can’t remember a more hectic year, packed with challenges but with a real sense of potential.

That hectic life will be all too familiar to you, but it’s not the only thing we have in common.

We’re all striving to make a difference to young lives. You in a very immediate way, those involved in education reform less directly just now (unless you’re a pioneer teacher of course), but I know that when the new curriculum arrives it will give you more freedom, more power to your elbow to make that difference.

There have been many positives this year. The curriculum is beginning to take shape, we have a much clearer timeline for implementation, and the whole family of education reforms is joining up coherently.

So whilst life might be hectic, I hope we all agree that we’re moving forward. The future is bright.

As Christmas approaches it’s time to pause and look after personal priorities, whatever they are; perhaps to rest, to enjoy company and spend time with family.

But before you leave those school gates, please accept my sincere thanks for the work you do and the difference you make. You ARE the difference.

Merry Christmas.

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