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How will the new curriculum be different for pupils like me?

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

bethan evansAs a pupil, what I hope to gain from my school’s curriculum is knowledge that I can apply to my life experiences and future career. To some extent I’m getting that, but in part I also feel I’m simply memorizing information only to forget it once I finish my exams.

The ambitious and inclusive new curriculum aims to be “a curriculum for life,” which means that what I am taught in the classroom will be consolidated and built upon. Valuable knowledge taught in a stimulating and interesting way will ultimately boost pupils’ mental ability and their motivation to remember content to apply it to their lives.

The new curriculum has 4 main aims/purposes:

1) Ambitious, capable learners

2) Enterprising, creative contributors

3) Ethical, informed citizens

4) Healthy, confident individuals

From these purposes I can see that in future pupils will be encouraged to face new challenges, and their knowledge will expand beyond traditional learning environments such as the classroom. Their opinions and ideas will be relevant and significant and their experiences enriched through opportunities such as activities outside of traditional lessons.

The new curriculum will also focus heavily on 3 competencies: digital competency, literacy and numeracy. It is evident that the new curriculum has moved with the times, making digital competency as important as literacy and numeracy. I think this is a significant development, because teachers will be using technology that pupils like myself are adapted to using.  Teaching will be more efficient, and the content more current, researchable and easily accessible. I believe that it is important to use media and resources that are up to date with the children they will impact.

Concerning the Welsh language, the new curriculum will continue to keep compulsory Welsh within schools until the age of 16. I am passionate about keeping the Welsh language alive and therefore think this is important. The new curriculum will focus more heavily on communication (specifically oral communication and understanding) instead of taking in information to regurgitate in an exam, which I believe will be much more useful to pupils like myself living and working in Wales.

Do I wish I was studying under the new curriculum?

Absolutely. I believe it will address  pupils’ needs and prepare them better for their futures. It looks more balanced and inclusive, and will strengthen their knowledge through experiences outside of the classroom.

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  1. Steve Roberts on

    Hello. I enjoyed your very eloquent blog and your positive views with regard to the new curriculum. However, how do you reconcile your statement that, “the new curriculum will focus more heavily on communication (specifically oral communication and understanding) instead of taking in information to regurgitate in an exam” when examinations (for which ‘cramming’ and regurgitation are key components) will continue to be the ‘yardstick’ by which society and employers judge educational competency and skills, for the foreseeable future? This has always been an educational paradox and I would welcome your further views as to how it may be resolved as it is you – and fellow students of your generation – who will be affected most by national educational policy and practice

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