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Digital Competence Framework – Professional Learning Needs Tool

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg


As promised, the Digital Competence framework self assessment tool has now been made available with additional functionality.

Feedback from digital pioneers and other stakeholders has been crucial in developing the Professional Learning Needs Tool – renamed to better reflect its purpose – which is designed to help practitioners identify the areas where they already feel confident and areas where they feel they need further development. The Tool, for example, has features such as a new star rating function with hover-over text which will help practitioners judge their level. As a practitioner you can use the tool right now to find out where you are in your digital journey.

As a Head teacher, requesting access to your school’s dashboard will give you a clear overview of your school’s professional learning needs. The dashboard will provide anonymised summary information for your whole school, helping to inform the development of professional learning support to practitioners in your school.

The new Professional Learning Needs Tool will enable:

  • teachers to assess their skills and confidence by giving phase-specific summaries of Framework skill elements
  • Framework coordinators the opportunity to view collated, anonymised data to help develop professional support for their staff
  • collated anonymised data to be used at local, regional and national level to inform the development of professional learning support to practitioners and schools.

All teachers can use the tool on HWB but in order to be able to view the summary dashboard data for their school Head Teachers will need to follow these steps:

  • identify the appropriate staff member/s that need access to the school’s DCF reporting dashboard;
  • Include the following information in an e-mail and send this from your Head teacher hwbmail e-mail address:
  1. Hwb user names of staff who will require access
  2. School DfES number including local authority code (e.g. 671/XXXX)
  3. Statement of authorisation from head teacher to grant access to these users

The request will then be verified and confirmation of access to the school’s dashboard information will be sent. To ensure that individuals only receive access to their own school’s data we will ask that only Head teachers email CDSM asking for permissions. Head teachers will need to verify in the email that they are a Head teacher and that the individual/s for whom they are asking  permissions are from their school.


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