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Digital Competence Framework – Myth Buster!

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg


What if I’m not an IT person (because my subject hasn’t needed it before)?

You don’t have to be an expert in IT to teach the Framework. 

Ultimately is it all about the ‘kit’ you have?

A lot of kit doesn’t make you a digitally competent school, it’s how you use it.

Do we have to use Tech to hit all the Framework skills?

No you don’t. Sometimes it’s more about the thinking. 

Does Computational Thinking require programming skills?

No it’s not necessarily programming. It can be as simple as writing the instructions, on paper, for baking a cake (ok so not simple, but manageable)

Where do I turn if I’m uncertain of what to do?

You’re not alone. Consortia and Digital Pioneers are there to support you. Get in touch with your consortia to get in contact. 

Does the Framework replace ICT?

No! It’s much broader than technology and is the 3rd cross-curricular skill. 

Do we need to print out work as Estyn evidence?

No, Estyn do not expect you to print all digital work. Think about digital portfolios 

Do we have to ‘do’ the Framework all in one go?

Why not start by exploring tasks and familiarising yourself with the new framework. Look at what you are currently doing and how the DCF can support and enhance that. Use it to help you look for natural opportunities to use it in your current teaching across the curriculum. You don’t have to plan, map and assess the Framework skills immediately.

Should our IT Co-ordinator handle this?

No! The Framework is not the IT Co-ordinator’s job. We’re all in this together and we’re all responsible for it. 

Is this ultimately just about being good at ICT?

Just using ICT does not mean you are Digitally Competent – It’s about how you use technology and choosing the right tool for the job. 

Do I need to teach each skill individually?

You don’t need to teach each Framework skill individually – One well thought out ‘rich’ task can hit many of the skills 

 … with thanks to the Digital Pioneers

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