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Complete the Adnodd survey and help shape the future of educational resources in Wales

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Earlier this year, the Welsh Government established Adnodd, a new arm’s-length body to coordinate and oversee the provision and commissioning of education resources, in Welsh and English, to support the Curriculum for Wales and its qualifications. Its remit will include the commissioning of new materials and quality assurance of resources.

One of Adnodd’s core values is that it is a listening and responsive organisation. In developing a new commissioning model and quality assurance framework, Adnodd wants to hear from its stakeholders.

We are inviting you to share your thoughts on the commissioning and quality assurance of education resources for ages 3 through 19 in Wales in light of the continued rollout of the new Curriculum for Wales (CfW) and revised qualifications.

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Camau i’r Dyfodol – Steps to the Future: Co-constructing Learning Progression in Wales

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The Camau i’r Dyfodol – Steps to the Future project, involving the University of Wales Trinity Saint David and the University of Glasgow, brings together the expertise and experience of the education sector to co-construct a shared understanding of progression for all learners that is meaningful, manageable, and sustainable.

The transformation in our schools brought by reform brings inherent challenges and exciting possibilities for change – whether that’s deeper, more engaging learning experiences for learners, more relevant learning tailored to their needs, or more creative and innovative teaching methods.

Learning progression is central to Curriculum for Wales. The guidance emphasises this, outlining how learners should develop to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or needs. Camau i’r Dyfodol is working with the system to foster a better understanding of learning progression, and how to support it in practice, across Wales.

Changing our thinking

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Curriculum for Wales: annual report 2023

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An annual report that sets out the progress and achievements of Curriculum for Wales to date, with priorities for the year from September 2023, has been published by Welsh Government.  

The wide-ranging report considers key aspects of curriculum implementation, and is published alongside a plan to undertake a rigorous and transparent evaluation of the curriculum and assessment reforms over time and the extent to which they are having the desired impact for all learners.

An introduction to the annual report from Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and Welsh Language, sets the scene:

The last academic year has been a landmark in terms of our curriculum reforms. In the short time since the Curriculum for Wales was introduced in the majority of schools and funded non-maintained nursery settings last September, we are already starting to see reports of some of the benefits we expect the new curriculum to bring. It is still early days, yet there are some early and encouraging signs.

This second annual report provides an outline of the progress being made across our education system, areas where further focus is necessary, and priorities for support as we head into the 2023 to 2024 academic year; a year when all schools and settings will be using the Curriculum for Wales. It also includes a wide range of links and additional information to help draw together some of the key aspects of our reforms, and how they are supporting us realise our ambitions together.

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Curriculum case studies in a handy PDF and a new podcast!

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A selection of school case study films on curriculum development, progression and assessment, and transition, have been gathered together in this handy pdf with links.

Featuring primaries, secondaries and a Pupil Referral Unit, they show a range of approaches including cluster work. The full Youtube playlist can be found here, and a wide range of resources here on Hwb.

Also hear a new podcast – How the National Resource: Evaluation and Improvement is being used to benefit Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi.

Mark Jones, Professional Advisor to the Welsh Government, interviews Anthony Jones (left), Deputy Headteacher at Ysgol Penrhyn Dewi, about how the school is using the National Resource: Evaluation and Improvement (NR:EI) and the improvements it is helping to bring about. 

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