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Enabling 14-16 learning under the Curriculum for Wales

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Jeremy Miles, Minister for Education and Welsh Language, made a statement today that Welsh Government will work with employers, parents and carers, teachers and learners to create a comprehensive approach to developing knowledge, skills and experiences for 14-16-year-old learners under the new curriculum. The approach will recognise the wide opportunities that schools already provide to support their learners move confidently towards employment, further education or training. 

Through engagement, guidance will be developed by Welsh Government for consultation later this calendar year, to be finalised and available for schools at the same time as final GCSE specifications (September 2024). Evolution of the Welsh Baccalaureate will be considered as part of this, to enable all learners to gain the skills, experiences and knowledge to move forward on their next steps. 

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Sharing information on learner progression with parents and carers – changes and a case study

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In September 2022 new legislation came into force for schools around providing information to parents and carers on their child’s progress.  See this section of the  summary of legislation or the formal legislation here.

Headteachers must now arrange for termly updates on how learners are progressing, including:

  • their well-being
  • information on key progress and learning
  • key progression needs, the next steps to support their progression, and advice on how parents can support that progress. 
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The ‘Connect’ network with a difference for educational leaders

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Role models in school and society are important. By seeing someone ostensibly like us, taking positive action and succeeding in life, we take inspiration, comfort and confidence.

We know it’s like that for learners in our schools. It’s also like that for practitioners, especially those who come from a minority ethnic background and who may not always have access to the support they need from colleagues, parents or peers.

The Anti-racist Wales Connect Group has therefore been created as a source of mutual help and peer to peer support, but also to inspire colleagues from ethnic backgrounds to aspire to leadership, helping to grow a diverse leadership representation in education in Wales.

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