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The Digital Competence Framework without technology?

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg


Since the Digital Competence Framework was released in Wales, the Digital Pioneers have been impressed and inspired by the uptake and schools’ eagerness to become involved.

One of the most common questions asked to Pioneers is ‘Do I need to buy new equipment to meet the skills in the Digital Competence Framework?’. Well if schools were able to meet all of the previous National Curriculum Skills, the likelihood is that they do not need new kit. However, what schools may need to do is work smarter with what they already have or consider long term options for updating what they have. As so much of our world is now online it is essential that learners are able to access the internet. So before buying kit, schools should look carefully at their infrastructure and consider whether investment first needs to be spent on developing internet and wireless capability and reliability.

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